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The Power of the Internet

Assignment Line is a service. We maintain all the required equipment and infrastructure so that you donít have to. Teachers, students, parents and administrators can access Assignment Line 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any computer connected to the Internet. Teachers can grade from home and parents can monitor their studentís performance from home or work. Students can log in from school or home to check their grades and homework assignments. This is all acomplished without the need for your school to maintain servers or install special software.
Assignment Line grows with your school. You only pay for what you use and donít need to worry about data backup, power backup or outgrowing your computer hardware. We maintain battery and diesel backed servers and use redundant data storage along with nightly data archiving.

The Flexibility You Need

Assignment Line supports your choice of traditional point scale grading or grading to rubrics from the ground up. It also allows customizable data collection for student records needed to comply with state mandated data collection programs (such as SIMS in Massachusetts). Many aspects of the system can be customized to suit your schoolís individual needs. Assignment Line uses a highly granular permission system so that users can only view and or edit the data that you want them to. Additionally, the visual appearance of Assignment Line is customizable to match your schoolís existing website or intranet. While we will continually support an expanding set of features, you are able to pick and choose the ones that your organization needs.

Core Features

  • Maintain student and teacher records
  • Track class enrollment
  • Assessment management and gradebook functions
  • Attendance records (both schoolwide and / or class level attendance)
  • Student ticketing system: can be used to track and note specific student/teacher or parent/teacher interactions
  • For Rubric Grading: Organize benchmarks into categories that match your curriculum or board of education standards
  • Extensible reporting system allows the creation of customized reports and can output to the web for printing or viewing or to XML for use in other applications



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