How To Use Case Studies As An Effective Sales Tool

When running your business it can often be difficult to know where to start to market your services and how to sell your product. Just because you are a great builder, accountant or dog groomer doesnt mean that you are a great salesperson!

Marketing you business effectively can be a daunting task, but you know you need to make sales for your business to succeed. So where do you start?

Using case studies to market your business is one option. A case study is an examination of events that allows the reader to understand the reality of a situation. Case studies have often been a popular tool for teaching in law schools and medicals schools. The cases look at how decisions where made, the steps of the plan implemented and the outcome of a course of action taken.

The beauty of a case study is that it describes a situation that an individual or group was in, and how the situation was resolved. Case studies tell a story about how this resolution was achieved. Usually a personal case study will show the background to the situation, the steps taken to implement change and the successes or failures that arose from this.

How do case studies help with sales? Well the answer to this is that they evoke emotion. By engaging the consumer emotionally case studies can compel action. Whilst you may be able to spout a lot of numbers, figures and jargon relating to your business, if you put your customer to sleep instead of getting them revved up to buy, your business is just not going to make it, no matter how great your product.

Sales are all about getting the customer to sign on the dotted line. Ultimately your sales pitch needs to be persuasive and your marketing needs to sell the features and benefits of your products. However, when you have done this a case study is just the thing to make these features and benefits real. Personal experiences of other customers are what move your buyer from a casual observer to an empathizer. When they can see themselves in other case studies then the product you are marketing becomes more tangible, more real.

Closing a deal requires a call to action and case studies are a great way to achieve that. As a sales tool the case study helps create a little drama and by engaging the customers emotions they can turn a looker into a buyer!