Protective Phone Cases and Other Ways to Protect Your Phone

With phone technology rapidly evolving, your phone that you have today is more than likely a large investment. Modern phones not only allow for you to call other people, but they also give you the ability to perform a wide variety of different activities. All of this different functionality comes at a price, which means that you will want to do everything that you possibly can to protect your phone. While cellphonecases.com protective phone cases will be able to give your phone an enormous amount of protection, here is a quick look at two additional ways that you can protect this essential electronic.

Tracking App

No matter whether you own an android or an iPhone, you will be able to get an app that will provide you with an easy way to track your phone. While this might seem like a creepy app to install on your phone, since it might give others the chance to spy on you and see all of your different activities if they hack into your account, it is something that is absolutely essential if you happen to lose your phone. If you ever lose your phone or think that it was stolen, you can simply activate the software from your computer and see where your phone is currently located, giving you an easy way of retrieving it.

Virus Protection

Many people think that they only need to protect their computers from viruses and malware. Even though it is heavily recommended to protect your computer, very few people actually install any sort of virus protection software. Even fewer people put this sort of protection on their phone, even though it is just as susceptible to viruses and malware. Luckily, getting protection for your phone is much cheaper than getting it for your computer, and it usually only requires that you download an app. This simple download on your phone will help to protect you from all sorts of different things, from viruses in emails to malware that is downloaded onto your phone from suspicious apps. Another benefit of this software is that you can often find a free app that will give you a large amount of protection.

Protective Cases

The last type of protection that is absolutely essential is cellphonecases.com protective phone cases. Protective phone cases will help to protect your phone from the falls and bumps that are sure to happen. Even if you are extremely careful with your phone and do everything that you can to protect it, it is still very likely that you will have an accident at some point in time. If you want to have the highest amount of fashion and customization, you will want to choose a hard shell case. These sort of cases will only give you a minimal amount of protection from falls and bumps, but they will give you all the protection that you could possibly want from scratches and sharp objects. If you want to have the maximum amount of protection from any sort of impact, you will want to get a soft shell case for your phone. Soft shell cases are able to absorb most impacts, and they will give you a moderate amount of protection from most other dangers. The only problem with these cases is that they can be sticky and they tend to break down and fade over time, which can make them difficult to use.


Building Something with Your Own Two Hands

Ever-astounding advances in modern technology have made life easier and easier for Americans. 3D printers can build just about anything now, from guns to guitars to hats. Soon the world will have no need for human gunsmiths, luthiers, or haberdashers, as crazy as that sounds. But even minute physical tasks of day-to-day living are being done for people by their machines. More and more, the advances of technology are creating a world where human beings don’t have to do anything besides plug in, flip a switch, and enter in a few keystrokes–and who knows how long it will be before even that process has been streamlined by machines? While the automation of just about everything might sound like a positive step for humanity, there is a dark side to such supreme convenience. Human beings have an instinctive drive to build–to give form to their abstract dreams, to make them a tangible reality. In the face of an increasingly automated world, more and more people are turning to hobbies like woodworking, a pursuit which requires you to work with your hands. Carpentry may seem like an intimidating hobby. However, with a good blueprint, the right tools, and some exotic woods, anybody can build a sturdy coffee table, an ornate box, or even a fully-functional rocking chair right at home.


Why Woodworking?


Some people enjoy woodworking because it provides a person with a wide variety of different projects, from the simple to the complex. No matter the level of your mastery and comprehension, there is always a new challenge in woodworking. Some people enjoy woodworking because it combines the pragmatic with the creative. Unlike a lot of other artistic pursuits, woodworking allows a person to indulge their creative side while still creating something that is actually useful to people. And some people like to build things with wood simply for the sense of pride and accomplishment that they feel upon the completion of a project. There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to say, “I built that chair that you’re so comfortably sitting in.” However, the common thread between all of these different amateur carpenters is that they find woodworking to be relaxing and fun. Some people develop their skills with the saw so sharply that they are even able to make a small profit off of their hobby!


Getting Equipped


A lot of would-be woodworkers feel intimidated by the vast array of tools and materials that are needed even to build a simple coffee table. However, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many projects for beginners which don’t require too much beyond a hand saw, a drill, some wood glue, and a measuring tape. As you increase the extent of your skill and the scope of your ambition, you can add to your tool set. Even if you buy one tool and some exotic woods every pay period, in no time at all you’ll have the makings of a full carpentry shop. There are very few things more satisfying than building something with your own two hands. So, get off the computer, turn off the TV, and head down to the hardware shop!


Common Pet Injuries and Signs You Need a Vet

Today, pets are more than just animals, they’re members of people’s families. You might think that individuals’ affinity for their pets might be a recent occurrence, but humans have long loved their domestic animals for as long as there have been sedentary civilizations. The dog was domesticated over 30,000 years ago. Ancient domestic canine remains have been found buried next to people in Asia and Eastern Europe. Scientists speculate that dogs were originally domesticated to help people hunt and track. They were also handy for defending food storage against trespassers and other animals. People have had pet dogs more than 20,000 years longer than they’ve had agriculture! Cats have also been part of people’s daily lives for at least 9,000 years. Some of the most famous ancient cats were found interred with Egyptian royalty by archaeologists. The bond between humans and their animals is ancient and powerful. For this reason, people want to take care of their pets to the best of their ability. This article will tell you about some of the most common pet injuries and when you should seek a vet. You can get more info here about how to make sure your pets live a great life.

Common Injuries and Preventions

Even though pets are domesticated, they still have wild instincts. This is one of the reasons that pets often become injured in fights with other animals for territory, mates, or food. You can prevent injuries from fights by making sure that your pets can’t escape from your yard. This is nearly impossible for cats, so if they get into fights often, limit how often you let them out and whether they wander off. For dogs, it’s a much simple feat to keep them in one area. You can purchase a dog run or fence your yard so that your dog can’t get out. You can also spay or neuter your pets so that the urges to wander and fight are reduced.

If your animal does get into a fight, the result might be lacerations, cuts, or bruises. If your pet has blood on its fur or is limping, carefully inspect the area where you think they’re injured. If your pet won’t let you see it, you can enlist help to hold them still. You should be incredibly gentle and speak in a soothing, friendly tone. Never use too much force with an injured pet, as this could make it worse. If the injury is shallow and clean, you should watch your pet closely and make sure he or she stays indoors and gets lots of nourishment. If the wound is deep, dirty, or otherwise worrisome, you should go into a vet. Get More Info Here or call your local vet’s office.



General Information about Steel and Welding

There are many different building materials that people used to construct buildings, homes, and other structures. Most building materials are generally either grown or mined. For instance, sometimes a tree will be used to create lumber that can be used to build a home, and in other cases iron ore will be mined so that it can be used for a different type of structure. If you are interested in getting some steel railings or stairs installed in your house, you should contact your local fabrication company, such as A & R Iron Works, Inc., to get the process started today.

Steel is a very versatile and rugged building material that can be customized for a variety of applications and uses. Generally, steel can be used anywhere that most other building materials can be used, and sometimes it is one of the few things that will work to create a building. For instance, large office buildings are generally constructed with steel mainframes, and then finished with other materials. In situations such as these, concrete or wood framing is not suitable.

When a fabricator joins steel together, there are several ways that this can be done. First, holes can be drilled through the steel and it can be joined with bolts or rivets. Second, steel can be welded. The welding process can be done several different ways, but the classic way is using stick welding. Stick welding is performed when a heavy electrical current is made between the steel that is being worked on and a depositing electrode held by the welder. Welding requires a large energy expenditure, and generates a lot of heat and bright light. Because of this, the operator needs to be protected with heavy gloves and protective eyewear.

When the electrode is struck against the metal that will be welded together, an electrical arc is produced. This arc creates a puddle of molten steel that mixes both the original work material and the depositing electrode material together. Depending on the settings and type of electrode used, the welding arc can penetrate deeper or more shallowly into the steel to create welding for different purposes.

There are many different applications that welding can be used on, and it is perfect for producing railings, stairways, and fire escapes. Be sure to call your local fabrication company, such as A & R Iron Works, Inc., if you need help with a similar project.


Finding the Perfect Gift at the Game Store

Christmas is just around the corner, and it seems like people are already looking to cross things off of their list of things they need to buy. It can be hard to figure out what each person needs. You don’t want to go to the mall to simply walk around for hours wondering what they would like best. A better option, if you are buying for your kids, would be to go to a game store. A game store will have plenty of things to choose from without having to spend hours looking around at different stores. They have everything all under one roof for you. You can get in and out with your Christmas shopping done all in one day. Here are some things you may want to consider getting from a game store.


Board Games

Your kids may open this type of gift and not even know what it is. In this day and age, kids play games with tablets and computers. They sit, often by themselves, and stare at a computer screen in order to play a game. How fun would it be to reintroduce them to board games. Get something the whole family can play. They will be thrilled to be able to play a game, and you will be thrilled to be spending some quality family time together.


Learning Toys

There will also be options of toys you can buy that will help them learn something. Instead of just mindless play, they can learn and grow from some activities. There are things like science equipment, activity books, and craft supplies to help them increase their knowledge and imagination. Everyone can be happy with a fun toy that also teaches them something. Simple toys like legos or puzzles can help them use their mind while they play. It’s important that children are constantly needing to use their mind and imagination while at play. This is what helps them learn and grow. 


Make Believe

Whether you have a little girl or a little boy, they can have hours of fun playing make believe. Little girls in particular love to play pretend. You can get dolls, barbies, play kitchens, or stuffed animals. Boys can also get into the fun with things like police costumes, cars, or action figures. These things can provide hours of entertainment. If they have a hard time grasping the concept of make believe, sit down with them and show them how it’s done. You will be surprised at how quickly they pick up on how to pretend and use their imagination with their toys. 



Lastly, don’t be afraid to get them some reading materials. Just because they asked for a lot of toys, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t enjoy something great to read. There are sure to be many options at the game store. Whether its a picture book, a comic book, or a chapter book, kids need to read regularly to expand their minds. Find something that interests them and they are sure to love it. 


Get the Best Garage Doors for Your Business

If you’ve been in business for more than twenty years, your industrial garage doors have probably seen better days. You’ve probably even replaced individual parts here and there already due to normal wear and tear, but with the extreme Arizona heat and the associated annual increase of fire danger, now may be a good time for a complete overhaul. You will need to contact a company with expertise in industrial garage door installation in Phoenix.

The first thing you will want to consider is what style of doors makes the most sense for your business. Do you need the simple durability and economy of a hollow metal door? These doors, typically made from cold rolled steel or galvanized steel are insulated with polystyrene cores, though other materials such as honeycomb and fiberboard may also be used in the core. Depending on the brand and series you buy, these doors can be 14 gauge and bullet resistant, if that’s a concern for you.

If side and headroom are a concern, you may be more interested in rolling steel doors. These doors, made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, feature a variety of gauges and slat profiles, and can withstand a wind load of 20 psf. Higher wind load resistance may be available as well if you’re in a particularly windy spot. You will want to be aware of the number of cycles the torsion springs are designed for before you commit, however. If you use the doors quite frequently, the standard 20,000 cycles may not be sufficient for your business. Many garage door establishments will offer a higher usage 100,000 cycle spring.

If you find you have the need to get personnel outside more often than equipment, a pass through garage door. This type of door ingeniously blends a regular, man sized door into the design of your garage door, allowing employees quick access to the outside without unnecessary wear and tear on your springs and gears.

No matter what you choose, you will need to make sure it complies with your area’s building code and fire safety rating. By hiring a company that specializes in industrial garage door installation in Phoenix, you can be sure that you are receiving the best recommendations for your business, taking into consideration all environmental and regulatory constraints.


What to Take on a Canoe Trip

If you are trying to fit in a last-minute outdoor trip before the cold weather sets in, you may want to consider one of the guided BWCA canoe trips available to you through a reputable outfitter. This beautiful area is sure to bring you and your party great satisfaction as you enjoy the outdoors in the luxury of a canoe.

If you are interested in making a backwater canoe trip, you will need to plan carefully before you leave. It’s important for you to get all the essential gear ahead of time, so that you can leave with the confidence that you are fully prepared for your trip. If you do not, you may wish you had planned better if you are left without some of the gear you need.

It is important that you speak with your outfitter before you begin to prepare for your trip. If you are using a reputable outfitter, they should be able to give you a basic list of items to bring. In addition, they will be able to tell you the essentials that they will be providing. Often, the outfitter will provide food and some safety gear, which will leave you less to have to pack.

Some of the things that are absolutely essential and cannot be left include a spare paddle, personal flotation device, sturdy knife, several types of fire starters, maps and charts of the area you will be in, a compass or GPS, and dry float bags for your gear. Depending on the time of year you will be going, you may also want to bring a wetsuit, neoprene boots and gloves, and a warm hat or balaclava. If you are going in the summer, you may want to have a lightweight brimmed hat as well. Wool socks are a good idea any time that you will be working with water because they allow you to get your feet wet and still provide warmth, unlike cotton and many synthetic materials.

One other thing you need to always remember is sunscreen, as it is important no matter what time of year it is. You may want to take a repair kit for your clothing as well as the canoe, and do not forget personal emergency items such as a first aid kit, light sticks, signal mirror, and emergency beacon. If you bring these items, you will be well prepared to go on one of the BWCA canoe trips with your outfitter. Just remember to make sure that the basics are covered, and rely on the experience of your outfitter as a guideline. 


The Process on Installing Chimney Lining

When it comes to chimney lining in Louisville, you need proper instructions to avoid any mistakes. It is common for consumers to hire roofers to complete this type of task. However, some DIY enthusiasts prefer to do this alone. It is possible to complete this project with the help of one or two people. Due to safety risks associated with roofing, you should at least have one other person helping you with this task.


Chimney Liners


The chimney liner can insulate your home from cold air when it is properly installed. Additionally, the risk of toxic chemicals, gases, and smoke is dramatically reduced. Chimneys have chemicals that can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. It is important to remember that carbon monoxide is odorless and invisible. Due to the age of some chimneys, it is easy for air and toxic fumes to seep through your home. This can be prevented by installing the chimney lighter.


Prep Work


Before you start the project, you need to prepare the chimney for a new lining. This is a simple task; it can be accomplished with a few tools. First, you need to remove dirt and such from the interior surface. The dirt can cause issues when attempting to install the chimney lining. You can obtain tools from home improvement or hardware stores in your area. The most important tool to use for chimney cleaning is a brush to clean all of the debris out of the chimney. Be sure to cover any furniture, or at least cover the opening of the fireplace. You should also wear a mask to avoid inhaling fumes.


Getting Tips from Experts


If you have never installed a chimney before, you should obtain project information from industry experts. Many DIY enthusiasts get their tips from videos and blogs. You can go the extra mile and read a book about chimney lining procedures. Additionally, professionals and home improvement stores may be able to provide suggestions.




To install a lining, you need to measure the interior surface. You can use a probe to measure the chimney. When you have the measurements, take the numbers and trim the liner to those dimensions. Some people prefer to use an additional layer of insulation. The insulation will keep the chimney wall warm.


Once you have completed all of these tasks, you need to place the chimney liner in an upright position. This is done by “lifting the plates at the bottom.”


How to insert the Liner:


  • Place a winch at the top of the chimney – make sure it is secure
  • Pull the liner up from the bottom slowly (to avoid damaging the liner)
  • Use caulk to secure the liner at the top
  • Place a plate on the liner
  • Secure the chimney and plate with a clamp
  • Place and screw in additional plates at the bottom
  • You can use mortar, caulking, or cement to secure the top and bottom

Use the Guide or Call Professionals


There are many ways to insert a chimney lining in Louisville. The listed procedure is a basic guide to help you get started. It is a format used by many expert roofers. If this seems like too much work, you can always contact a roofing professional. 


How to Go Back to College

If you are thinking about going to college either again or for the first time, and you aren’t directly out of high school, it may seem like a scary thing to consider. Most college students are young, smart, and stress-free. They have a lot of time on their hands, and many of them have parents helping them pay for school. If you are older, you probably have a job, family, and other responsibilities you are dealing with. You probably aren’t going to be able to focus solely on school and studying. This is okay. Just because you aren’t the typical college student, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fulfill your dreams. You can go to https://online.usu.edu/ to find out more, or you can keep reading for tips on how to go back to college. 


Choose a Degree

First, you need to choose what type of degree you want. This is important because not all schools offer each degree. Maybe you started school when you were younger and want to finish that particular course of study. Maybe you want to do something totally different, or maybe you never started at all. Choose something you enjoy. There isn’t any point to going to school if it isn’t for something you will love for years to come.


Find a School

Next, you should figure out what school to go to. You obviously want to find one close to home. You should be able to commute fairly quickly. With all of your other responsibilities, you don’t want to have to worry about taking a lot of time getting to and from school. Another great option is taking online classes. This way, you don’t have to worry about commute. You also don’t have to worry about being there for certain times. You can do your work when you are available from the comfort of your own home.


Take It Easy

It can be tempting to try to get your schooling done as quickly as possible. This can make life difficult. You need to balance school, work, family, and other things. Be sure to take your time and only take as many credits as you can reasonably handle. This will make your schooling a lot more enjoyable, as well as your life outside of school. Go to https://online.usu.edu/ to find out more.


Basic Troubleshooting for Garage Door Repair

Garage doors are regrettably fallible. Go figure that a giant automatic mechanical door could ever wear down when its used half a dozen times a day, right? Luckily, for as long as garage doors have been used there have also been people fixing garage doors, and many of their tricks are easy enough for the average homeowner to perform. Others may require a specialist of garage door repair in Reno, but be sure to troubleshoot the problem yourself, too. A broken garage door is one thing, you can’t fix a door you’ve driven through, but if the door is just malfunctioning, then you’ve got options.


If your door is sticking or refusing to open or close smoothly or at all, then there are a few easy things to check first. If your door is automatic, then it probably has some sensors at the base of the door to let the door know that the way is clear to close. If these are malfunctioning, then the door would be acting funny. Of course, make sure the way is clear, then check the two sensors. One is a sending mechanism and the other receives. If they are working right, they should each have a light on them. If only one does, try to adjust them so they face each other correctly. If that doesn’t work, then they may need to be replaced.


Next, you need to make sure that the garage door’s tracks are working properly. Most automatic garage doors need to be disengaged from the automatic system for you to open and close it manually, and this is often done by tugging on the cord hanging from the line on the ceiling. Once the door is free, try to open and close it by hand. Notice where the door is having its biggest issues and then inspect the track at those places. Dents or debris could be impeding the door’s motion. Clean out the tracks and wheels as needed. When it comes to dents, you’ll want to be very gently if you try to smooth them yourself. Use a soft rubber mallet and a piece of flat wood to make sure that you keep the adjusting level and flush. Some issues are more technical and perhaps dangerous. In those instances, be sure to call professional garage door repair in Reno.